There are two main types of brake booster that are in most types of passenger cars

Remote boosters which are fitted in the hydraulic line and the firewall mounted or mastervac types where the master cylinder is mounted on the front of the booster.

The following are some of the remote boosters available as changeover or as outright purchase from Hydroboost

VH 44 made by PBR and available in many models to suit both disc and drum brake applications.

VH 40. Larger in diameter and generally more powerful than VH44 and also available in many models to suit disc and drum applications.

VH 24. The predecessor of the VH44  and the booster preferred by the restorer looking for the authentic 50's and 60's booster to compliment the perfect period under bonnet look. This booster is only suited to drum brake systems.    


Lockheed hydropower. This booster in many variations is fitted to mainly British vehicles, Jaguar, BMC ,as well as some Alfa Romeo models.


Lockheed. Fitted mainly to Mini Cooper S. Also made as Bonaldi and fitted to some Alfa Romeo models. 

Girling Powerstop  Made in 6" and 9" and MK1 and MK 2 versions and fitted to many British and European vehicles as well as HD Holden and some Early Falcons.

There are other types of remote or hydraulic type boosters in general use in Australia eg. to suit some early Japanese and American vehicles, and most can be repaired by Hydroboost at very realistic prices